Ein Haus von..., 2017
Poster (297*210mm(임의), 3 posters in one series)

In the series of lectures ‹Ein Haus von : ...›
different architects / architecture offices are introduce one of their houses.
The lectures take place each month and are aimed at an audience interested
in architecture.
I chose Panoramagalerie which is designed by Graber & Steiger
and located in Pilatus Kulm, Messeturm which is designed by Morger & De gelo
and located in Basel, and VitraHaus which is designed by Herzog & de Meuron and
located in Weil am Rhein. I reasechedthose buildings and tried to find characteristics
of those. Although I had problems of combinining images, colors and typography,
I found a solution to design one serie of posters.

Indivisual Project
Designed by Kichang Kim