Visualizing Sound: why we have different onomatopoeia

I’ve often wondered why we have different onomatopoeia, despite that people hear the same sounds. People from different countries imitate the sounds differently. I set up my mind to study my theme from this question “Why do different onomatopoeia exist for the same sound in different cultures and languages?” In fact, people are accustomed to imitating sounds depending on their ways because they have studied experienced the sounds in their own cultures and languages. Therefore, people use their mother tongue to imitate sounds and it makes differences. So, I tried to visualized sound in different ways. I visualized sounds from common, everyday living. I recorded these sounds while I was riding my bike on my way to school. After that, I made thousands of photos, drawn images and collected some materials from this route. In the end, I got 4 books of four different sounds (Vehicle, Bike, Wind, Bird). I participated in a bookfair “it’s a book” as one of students’ representers.